Wednesday, October 24, 2007


With my great wisdom I felt a need to submit a last resort economical survival plan in case the dollar actually goes down. It is out of my control if no one listens or discard me as a nut case, I did my duty.
What I’m about to say may be self-serving, but I’m going to say it anyway.

I believe talent and ability is like a liquid, it will eventually seek its own level. You can put liquid in a pipe that goes up, down, sideways, or where ever, but that liquid will eventually settle to equal level across no matter the pipes shape. Even ancient builders understood that. They knew to level any building, just dig a ditch or trench. I think talent and ability is the same way.

You see it when some one becomes famous overnight and you never hear from them again. And other times when someone is seemingly famous overnight and you learn they have been out there toiling away over twenty years or more. However, there is one main requirement needed for lasting success, said best, “Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.”

That is why “Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” That is why when you stand and “Face your fears mighty forces will come to your aid.” It is said in the bible, “Slay the dreamer and then let’s see what happens to his dreams.” So, when I’m called a nut case and countless things are thrown in my path, I have no reason to fret.

I know that if what I write is truly nutty and insane, then I really am a nut and will be forever ignored; otherwise, “All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men won’t be able to keep my great writing from seeking its own high level.” I can no longer sit still and do nothing knowing this country stands to lose a hundred million or more people if the dollar goes down, totally.

My proposed last resort economical survival plan is designed to be used by the federal government only as a last resort to prevent total chaos. I’m only a private citizen with no connections or inside information. I’m sure the federal government has emergency contingency plans of its own in case the dollars gets into severe trouble.

But, the government is going to totally rely on the federal emergency management agency (FEMA
). FEMA’s reliability is totally dependent on the effectiveness of its paid employees, but who know what will happen if they are not being paid. As far as I’m concerned, they are no guaranteed backup if the dollar goes down and becomes almost worthless.

Also, I think what the globalist has in mind is to depend on outside help even as far as to bring in NATO troops to maintain order. However, I got news for the globalist, the US is still the economic engine of the world and if the dollar goes down the global economy goes down with it. It will be every nation on its own fighting for its own survival.

Of course, I hope I’m wrong on the dollar actually collapsing, and surely about total chaos taking place. But, with the weakened condition of our culture nothing can be ruled out. We have almost no bartering capacity left. The old fashion strong male dominated nuclear family system is almost nonexistence.

What we have left is a population with ninety five percent of the people believing the welfare state will always be here to take care of the people and their needs. In my view this is totally insane, why Lord, why am I and so few blessed with the wisdom to see the flaw in this? My God! Even with a physical currency with its value in itself this would be dangerous.

But, a currency of just paper and no guaranteed back up, my God this is sheer madness and beyond insane, this is idiot genocide to have all of these people dependent and helpless with no skills to survive in case the government fails. Lord I ask in your name stay your hand and save these millions of dependent lives.

In my view all of the sign are beginning to merge and I believe the dollar is in very serious trouble. We are truly in uncharted waters and with years of out of control big government spending, the economist and no one else knows what’s going to happen.

I believe the dollar is going to collapse; the question is how much more time do we have before it happens. Now, all of that being said, it’s time to submit my last resort economical survival plan. The only purpose for my plan is to prevent total chaos from destroying everything. And sending civilization back to the stone age. It assumes that the dollar is practical worthless and FEMA and law enforcement personnel are not being paid.

It assumes that the people are hungry and rioting in the streets. It assumes that mass civil unrest is taking place. Only now is the time for the federal government to execute my last resort economical survival plan. Let me say up front, if anyone else has a better plan, good. So, here goes my plan. It involves dispensing an emergency physical currency to the people.

The currency itself will be its value, and not dependent on any government backup. Gold must be used, and possibly some silver. I’m sure the US treasure has enough gold bars at Fort Knox and some of the Federal Reserve banks to suffice. Next, mint very small gold coins the size of a dime or even smaller.

Since its value will be in the coin itself, I believe its best not to put a denomination on it, just stamp US gold and let it seek its own value. This emergency economical plan is not design to be a cure all; it is only a temporary survival fix. Lastly, billions upon billions of these coins should be minted and stored around the country to be dispense to the people only in case of totally chaos.

That’s it, concerning my plan to prevent totally chaos. If someone else has a better plan, please step up, then mind can be disregarded. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.

Lately I hear the term “Protect the Children” and we know what is best for the children. In my view it is like “The three blind men examining an elephant.” I can’t remember all of the details, but all three came away with a different conclusion, one thought the legs were tree trunks. From a big picture point of view it is impossible for the welfare state to truly protect the children.

Until recently, going back over five thousand years the children were always protected because of one simple fact, the parents needed them for survival. Today most parents see children as love items to be pampered and doted upon. Kids are almost never seen as future meal tickets, which they are. 

The welfare state has taken away the need for the male head of household and the need to raise children like ones life will depends on it.
The supreme natural law of human survival is based on a survival need, and bleeding heart do good liberals have all but destroyed any need for responsibility, accountability, or anything else. I’m totally against any abuse of any child for any reason, period. God save us.

Lose weight without trying.
Anyone familiar with my writing knows that I have a super strong belief in “positive thinking” to change behavior. To those that don’t know what positive thinking is, I will explain. It is a technique to change behavior; take a phrase or quote and repeats it over and over to yourself. It doesn’t need to be repeated aloud.

However, to be effective it must be repeated at least fifty or more times every day. The more times it is repeated the faster it will work because it is the repeating process itself that breaks through to the subconscious. To apply the technique to losing weight one first must decide on a desired goal weight.

An example: If ones desired goal weight is “150LBS,” then one must visualize 150LBS when repeating the positive thinking quote. This is a new more powerful quote that I have just developed and is testing it on myself, and decided to share it with you. Hopefully, we all will physical reach our goal weight.

The quote is: “I can keep my weight down to “X LBS.” through God which strengthens me.” The through God part can be omitted or changed to fit ones own deity. It may take as long as six months to fully kick in, but if one doesn’t quit the repeating process is guaranteed to get results. Just keep saying the quote, God will make a way out of no way. Mighty forces will come to your aid.

Health tip bonus:A heaping tablespoon full of any leafy vegetable mixed with your meal at least twice a day will ease almost all digestive problems.

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  2. Where Go The Boats?


    Dark brown is the river,
    Golden is the sand.

    It floats along forever,

    With trees on either hand.

    Green leaves a-floating,

    Castles of the foam,

    Boats of mine a-floating

    Where will all come home?

    On goes the river

    And out past the mill,

    Away down the valley,

    Away down the hill.

    Away down the river,
    A hundred miles or more,
    Other little children

    Shall bring my boats ashore.

    -----by aoc powerlevewling